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In the cloud
(Skrevet av helen 21.05.2007)

Tur foretatt: Mai 2007. Andre på toppen: Frode

Frode and I needed warming up for 7-fjellsturen, so we left the rains of Bergen for Bømlo. It was pouring in Bergen, but luckily when we neared Bømlo it dried up.

The parking for Siggjo is signposted, so it is easy to find, but the path leading from the carpark is not actually the right one. It took us a way in the wrong direction and we had to turn back and head up a muddy path. Much better to walk down the road about 100m and take the path up from behind a barrier. There is a gravel path a good way up and then a signposted forest trail to the top. When we got near the top we came inside the cloud, where it was extremely windy. At the top it was almost impossible to stand upright for any period of time. The antenna was vibrating with a noise I mistook for a helicopter when I heard on the way up. No view, but I am sure it is spectacular on a nice day.

It took about three hours altogether, including a short break at the top and some time walking in the wrong direction.

Tilbake til Bømlo
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