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(Skrevet av helen 02.07.2008)

Tur foretatt: Juli 2008.

We came from the south along the R319 to Svelvik. Then we took off to the left where it was signposted to the hospital and then drove to the end of the road, where there was a small parking place in the woods. We headed in the general direction of Sæteråsen. There were a lot of paths and it was a bit hard to work out which one was correct. Especially when my GPS decided to suddenly stop working. Luckily we came to a junction where Sæteråsen was signposted. After a while we came to a new cross-roads with a path marked Berg-stien which took us directly to the top. It was absolutely direct up the hill and steep. On the top was a tower with good views from the top, and some picnic benches. After a short break it was down the steep hill again and back to the car. It took about 2 hours, including the break at the top.

Tilbake til Svelvik
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