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Big lump of rock in the woods
(Skrevet av helen 04.05.2008)

Tur foretatt: Mai 2008.

I drove from Dal to Kopperud gard. I didn't see a sign for the farm anywhere, so without the GPS I probably wouldn't have found it. From there I followed the road past the farm until it turned into a gravel road. I didn't want to take any chances with my new car on the gravel, so I parked there and walked along the road until I came to a small cabin. From there I followed the dirt track on the left to a clearance. I took off from the track too early and ended up climbing over logs. On the way back I discovered it is better to follow the green marked path which swings to the right of the "peak". On the other side of the clearance I went through the woods until I saw a large ant hill at what the GPS said was the right point. I didn't notice the big rock the others mentioned until I turned around. If I had followed the green path all the way I would have seen the rock from down below.

A short but pleasant walk. Maybe 1hr. No-one else around so Magnus could run free. There were tracks from an enormous moose across the path, but fortunately he wasn't around any more.

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