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Southern Østfold, peak 5
(Skrevet av helen 05.04.2008)

Tur foretatt: April 2008.

I drove up to Harehellhytta (or something like that). There was a man there who told me he was going to close the barrier in a couple of hours and then I'd be stuck, so Magnus and I headed off like the wind towards Gastgiveren. We followed a forest road heading left from the main cabin, and then when it split, took the right branch. There was a ski-map at the junction which showed where to go. We followed the road with the peak on our left and just when I thought we'd gone to far, there was a path that looked like a ski-trail on the left that took us to the top. At the top there were lots of antenna and radar-type things. I took some pictures, and then I thought that maybe it is illegal to take pictures of military-installments, so I deleted them. Back down the path the way we came. Happy to discover that the barrier was still open. I forgot to take the time, but maybe about 1,5 hours altogether.

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