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Hipp, hipp, hipp, Hurra Torpedo!
(Skrevet av Anders 05.11.2004)

Tur foretatt: Mai 2004. Andre på toppen: mob

Last monday was the Norwegian Constitution Day, 17. mai, and after spending pretty much this day every year in Os, it was finally time for a crazy stunt. Morten had got me into spending the day far up at a glacier called HardangerJøkulen. Every year there is like 2000 - 3000 people starting from Finse (1222 mao) and walking with Norwegian flags, songs and a happy mood up to the Jøkulhut at 1783 meters above ocean.
We got up to Finse the 16th, lodged in at the hotell and had a great dinner and some beer. Unfortunately the weather was not so good, so not as many people as normally came up with the train next morning. Still, I think there must have been like 1000 crazy, patriotic Norwegians ready to burn off some calories on the way to the top.
We mad the trip up in about 21/2 hours (first ski to the glacier and then up the glacier) to the Jøkulhut. But Morten and me was not stoping there, we had to get ourselves up to the higest point in the county of Hordaland. It was fog, no people going further than the hut, but we had map and compass so after another 30 minutes we could add another mark to our goal: all county - peaks in Norway (19) and all municipality peaks in Norway (334 right now). After cheering and waving our flagg we went down to the hunt and had some food there. Suddenly a priest came in and said he was about to have the mandatory outdoor ceremony (- 10 degrees?). It was quite spectalure to see a priest in cape and wool - hat and sing 'Signe vårt dyre fedreland' with the rest of the stubborn vikings up there.
We decided not to stay for the preach and had a great run down with beautiful telemark - curves (...). Finally down after spending 4 hours on the whole thing I took the train back to Bergen to put my Rogalandsbunad on for the first time and Morten went back to Oslo to sleep (working next day...)

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