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Sunny day
(Skrevet av helen 06.04.2007)

Tur foretatt: April 2007.

This was a nice morning's walk on a sunny day. The snow was hard packed so it was perfect for walking. We parked at Lygnaseter at walked 4 km to Lushaughytta. From there it was 500m up to the top. The snow was softer and deeper here, and we didn't make it quite to the top. But it was so close I am awarding myself this peak anyway! It is not far from work, so I can take a walk up to the cabin at the top some other time.

Magnus had a mixed experience. He enjoyed running around off his lead, but someone skied over his paw (on purpose!) which was painful but fortunately did not cause an injury, and then a labrador ran off with his ball.

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