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Nordre Land
Good day hike
(Skrevet av helen 25.06.2006)

Tur foretatt: Juni 2006.

I started off from Lenningen in Etnedal and followed the DNT-marked trail to the top. I am discovering that for me, finding the starting point for these hikes is often the greatest challenge, so for future reference, the trail starts almost at the end of the Lenningen cabin area, beside an old café.

It was a good day's hike up and down. It took 3 hours up and 2 1/2 hours down, including a couple of breaks. There were a few steep parts, but on the whole it was a fairly easy hike and the view from the top is well-worth the effort.

On the way down I met an elderly lady who was in real physical trouble, closely followed by a couple who were in shorts and t-shirts, without any jackets with them, all of whom were anxious to know if they were near the top when they were in fact under half way there. It made me think that people possibly underestimate Spåtind. It is exposed at the top and windy. Make sure you bring warm clothes even if it is a good day lower down.

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