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Difficult to find...
(Skrevet av helen 04.06.2006)

Tur foretatt: Juni 2006.

I usually have a good sense of direction, but every now and then it fails me spectacularly, and today was one of those days. First I could not find Brumund Sag and spent an hour driving around small roads looking for it. Then I missed the turn off for Skvaldra and spent another hour driving around the forest roads. In the end, I gave up on finding Skvaldra and parked at Øyungen, which I did manage to find. Then I could not work out which path to take away from the cabins and spent an hour or so trying different options and ended up taking a path which did eventually take me to the top of Tuva, but with about a detour on the way.

I was so pissed off with the whole thing that I spent the first hour stomping along, but my humour improved when I got to the summit, ate my very late lunch and admired the view.

The plan had been to go on to Himmelkampen and to take in the highest point in Hamar on the way back, but I had spent so much time getting to Tuva, that it was getting late in the day and I went straight back to the car. There is in fact a DNT marked path from Øyungen to Tuva which I had managed to miss on the way up. Judging from the traffic on the path on a Sunday in early June, there must be queues of people going along it in July and August.

On the way back I drove via Sjusjøen, which I reckon cut about 15-20km off the journey, so I would recommend those coming from the West and North to drive that way rather than via Brumunddal. I think it would take about 2 hours each way from Øyungen if taking the direct DNT-marked route.

Update 26/07/07: Was back here after bagging Himmelkampen. Walked round the marshes and up to the top. Good views from the peak. Then back to the car at Øyungen. Took about 2 hours back.

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