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Seven Summits
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Like a giant traffic-cone
(Skrevet av helen 20.07.2008)

Tur foretatt: Juli 2008.

The highest point in the Netherlands is beside Drielandenspunt near Vaals. This is where Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet, and the Dutch have really made good use of the tourism potential of this place. There are restaurants, playgrounds, a maze, shops, horseriding, a big tower, and probably other stuff we didn't notice. What we also didn't notice was the monument for the highest point even though we must have walked right past it three times. After some searching in the wood, we were giving up and heading back to the car, when a last glance at an information board showed us that it was right behind us. It is really quite big. I don't know how we missed it. There was a thunder storm passing overhead by this time and we got soaked for the second time that day.

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