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Seven Summits
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Both peaks conquered!
(Skrevet av helen 15.07.2008)

Tur foretatt: Juli 2008.

I had considered taking a weekend tour to visit the highest point in Denmark in June, but I am now really glad that I didn't fork out 3 000kr for the pleasure of visiting this peak. It was nice enough, but not nice enough to make a big effort to visit.

I visited Yding Skovhoej first, to make the most out of the experience. It was a lump in the wood. Bronze Age forts are often unimpressive and this one didn't disappoint. From there I drove on to Ejer Bavnehoej, about 2km down the road. It has a nice tower which was open when I was there. There were gardeners all around landscaping the area, so I think there are plans to make it more of an attraction. I spent some time at the top of the tower admiring the view and reflecting on being the highest person in Denmark at that moment. And then I headed back to the car and drove on towards Germany.

After some days walking in the Odenwald, which is a national park south of Darmstadt, the next stop is Luxembourg. The Odenwald is worth a visit for those in the vicinity of Frankfurt with a day or two to spare. There are walking paths through rolling valleys, with castles on the hilltops and Biergarten in nearly every village.

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